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Keith has established the largest and most diverse collection of Clivia in New Zealand. This contains over 30,000 plants, most planted under trees. All six species are represented. The sixth species, C. robusta was described following a PhD study into the chromosomes of the genus, using plants from this collection. The majority of plants are C. miniata, with representatives of all recognised flower shapes and colours. However, there are many hybrids between the different species (interspecific hybrids). These are especially rewarding in Northern New Zealand as their flowering time is spread throughout the year, although they flower primarily during the winter months.

a dahlia flower

Keith has undertaken much research into the genus and is currently working to produce large solid red coloured blooms, with no other throat colour.

CLIVIA Seed available for purchase

Clivias are slow growing plants. Seeds can take 3 - 4 months to germinate. Plants require some shade, especially from overhead mid-day sun. When grown from seed, some plants may flower after five years, but others much longer.

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